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  • Cabinet codes

    Launched pinball fx3 on my cab and was pretty sad to see cabinet features weren't available. Clicking the request cabinet code button takes you to a page for pinball fx2. How can I get a cabinet code for FX3?

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    I received the code immediately. But what do I do with it to finally get the cab support?
    Do I need to enter it somewhere?


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      Super excited about FX3!! Just bought the new table pack and installed, yay!

      Can anyone confirm cabinet mode is working for them in FX3?


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        Yep, cabinet mode is working. And you can use your old fx2 code.
        Pincab 22" (HP DV7 / CPU i7 1,6Ghz / Ati HD5650m / 4Go ram / win7)


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          I can confirm CABINET MODE WORKS PERFECTLY!!

          I entered the same code they mailed me for FX2 (I looked it up in my old emails) and cabinet mode can be enabled and works 100%!

          Look for the cabinet icon on the main page at the top to set cabinet settings, exactly as before. Everything works great:

          - backglass image JPGs go next to the table files in the folder
          - DMD position
          - backglass position

          All working on DAY ONE! Much kudos Zen. I'll keep sending you my $$$


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            I found out there is a fix for anybody who already had cabinet mode up and running on FX2.

            Open FX2
            Close FX2
            Open FX3

            No need to get a new cabinet code, or search around for your old one! Hope this helps someone


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              i filled out the form..waiting for the activation code. Thanks