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Thoughts on Pinball FX3 so far...

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  • Thoughts on Pinball FX3 so far...

    Amazing job Zen! I know there will be some initial kinks to work out but I have played around 10 tables or so and I can say the following:

    - older tables like Moonknight, Wolverine and Blade look amazing with fantastic lighting and updated animations etc.
    - new UI is slick, easy to understand and way more polished than PFX2
    - I am enjoying the leveling up and passive/active upgrades for each table. I can still play classic if I want to but I want to explore this new system further; it will likely help crummy players like me actually finish some wizard modes I could never complete
    - I had one crash playing Doom (when I got to the asteroid field mini table on upper right)
    - You kept the initials being input and listened to the community! Thank you! I guess you can only see the scores in the digital dashboard but that's better than not having it! In the future see if you can have the initials saved though like on some tables from PFX2 (just QOL for the future)

    Great job all around - thanks for having the import feature and not nickel and diming your loyal customers; much appreciated in this day and age!

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    I am that kind of player that has problems adapting to new stuff. I was sceptical when playing FX3 for the first time but I really like it now! The graphics are awesome, the tables play smoothly. I only miss the music of FX2 and think the voice telling you where you are in the game is not that good but you can turn it off anyway.

    I really like what I've seen so far! Time to get my 400 hours of FX2 into FX3!