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    First and foremost congratulations on the launch, I really appreciate the effort put into the table transfer system so we can hit the ground running.

    I thought it might be useful to start a PC performance feedback thread comparing FX2 and FX3 on various hardware.
    PFX3 provides a visual upgrade but I'm surprised how drastic the performance hit is between the two titles.

    Laptop: i5 6200u / HD520 / 8gb RAM
    FX2 runs at an almost consistent 60fps at 3200x1800 with reflections.
    FX3 runs well below 60fps at 1280x720 with reflections and shadows disabled.

    FX3 seems to employ intensive bloom lighting and I think it could be the cause behind the low frame rates.
    Would it be possible to test the game internally with and without this visual effect?

    If it drastically affects performance it might be a good idea to add it to the settings menu so the game can be enjoyed on a wider range of hardware. It also plays havoc with my contact lenses so the option to disable it would be welcomed!

    Despite having a vastly more powerful desktop (4770k / 980Ti) I spend far more time playing Pinball FX on my laptop, particularly due to portrait mode with touch controls. Would be great to hear how other players are finding the transistion to the new title.

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    Hey man thanks for reporting!

    We'll look into the option of optimizing the game in the future. The new graphics and the effect demand a stronger rig, that's true.


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      Am using a 2016 Macbook Pro on Windows.

      It has the intel iris 550 chip. On 1680x1050 with shadows on LOW and reflections ON it can come near perfect 60fps, some effects and board dip it to 50 sometimes though. (on 1440x900 it never drops, except when putting shadows on medium or anti-aliasing on)

      on 2560x1600 it is always above 30fps, even with vsync on. I would prefer to play on 30fps on that resolution, but since it won't cap at 30 the image is very jittery.


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        Performance seems to vary wildly between tables. As such I'm assembling a tiered list to try and identify potential areas for optimisation.

        Gold: Good/excellent performance. Silver: Generally playable. Bronze: Very low frame rates

        Hopefully the tables exhibiting the lowest performance will share a common visual effect which make them easier to improve.
        I've already placed several in the Bronze category: Alien vs Predator / Star Wars: Droids / Pasha / Jaws / Dr Strange.


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          Hey McLovin, this afternoon's Steam patch (Sept 29th) has massively improved performance. Please pass on my gratitude to the team!
          Looks like I need to abandon my performance tests and start again

          I noticed the update no longer allows you to disable shadows?
          The excessive bloom lighting has also been removed, was that identified as a key issue?
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