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Ant-Man table for €9,99 !?

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    Originally posted by QuietlyWrong
    Great to hear that, thanks... You're too professional to say so but I'll point a finger at the European PlayStation Store. Years of knocking around in the PlayStation forums, dealing with fellow gamers' problems have taught me that if they can mess it up, they will. In fact given the number of tables, the number of obvious mistakes seems a little low.

    The fact that US players have no problems would seem to indicate this. Also, while on the subject, the Universal Classics Pack is listed on the EU Store as 'Universal Classics Pack Demo' which very nearly put me off buying it until I saw the file size and verified that the tables were included in the PFX3 install. And the 'Marvel's Women of Power' pack is prefixed with 'Piball FX3', which won't help anyone doing a text search.

    Installing my collection I wish there had been one big download to install all tables at once!
    Whoopsie, thanks QuietlyWrong this was pretty helpful, we fixed the typo right away, it'll take a couple of days for the fix to become active though.

    Yeah the import process was tiresome, but it was pretty much the only way we could do it.


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      I just hope I never have to install the whole game again...

      (famous last words )


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        It's always nice to see that there is already a thread online...

        I seperately bought the 3 tables of the FX3 pack on PS3 today - that saved 1 euro and i wanted them on PS3 and Vita too.
        I'm not sure but the first download after starting the import on PS4 was the Ant-Man unlock and the table demo pack, the unlock loaded first.
        After that the other 2 unlocks followed. At the end Ant-Man is still locked and if you start an import again the store list of your former imports shows up but no sign of the Ant-Man unlock though.
        Single Star Wars Rebels import just worked fine.

        Thanks for fixing this in advance.

        p.s. ZPB2 on PS4 is already out of order, no import possible there anymore.


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          Originally posted by McLovin
          Yes, suuuuper infuriating, but there seems to be something wrong with the Ant-Man import. We are looking into it so you can shrink your balls (lol) in no time.
          I just bought Ant-Man on PS3 (ZP2) and can't import it to Pinball FX3. The Import Feature doesn't detect it, so I technically don't own it on PS4 (therefore it's not a license issue).

          Any way to fix this by now?

          Thanks in advance!


          Nevermind; found the solution in another thread.

          Originally posted by chivato
          Go to PS4 main screen.
          Then go to your library and highlight Games, then select Pinball fx3.
          Then scroll down and highlight Playstation store.
          On the right select Marvel cinematic pack demo and click on it so it redownload
          That solved it for me
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