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Severe performance issues (Xbox)

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  • Severe performance issues (Xbox)

    This was all working perfectly yesterday, but now overnight it's become completely unplayable!

    - Most of the time the game doesn't load after profile select, and when it does it takes at least a minute to load the menu. It seems to be having trouble syncing data as well
    - It freezes and teleports the ball EVERY time you earn xp or do anything really to advance game modes. This especially makes the challenges impossible to play when you are constantly earning xp and advancing levels.
    - Game progress in challenges and upgrades are not saving. After quitting the game everything resets to what it was like before, it asks me if I want to continue where I left off last night.
    - This hasn't affected me but I'm seeing numerous reports of peoples levels being reset to 1

    I can't be the only one having these issues. Any word from Zen as to when this will all be fixed?

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    It's not just you! I'm experiencing exactly the same issues you describe.

    Additionally, when I launched today it started as if I had never launched the game before. I pressed B to skip the tutorial and the game froze.

    It took 5 attempts, an uninstall, and a playing the tutorial again to get to the main menu (after a lengthy wait).

    Menu is also slow when exiting from tables to main menu. Seems to be hitching whenever it's needing to connect to the server


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      Same as above. Everything was perfect yesterday. Now my level progress is gone and, launching the game, I have to link my account again each time.

      I loaded a table and it was stuttering each time the ball went up particular ramps. Then the game crashed.

      I'd also complain about how poor the early tables now look, how over-bright and cartoony. Though "severe," I guess it's not a performance issue.


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        Same issue as you are describing; levelling progress gone and table freezes/hitches every few seconds so it is unplayable. Also crashed as I was doing Back to the Future Matchup.

        Zen, can you please give an update on what happened? Was game patched during the night which lead to this? Please give an ETA on fix, thanks.


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          Same here, was working perfect yesterday. Now it wants to relink the accounts at every start, wants to show the tutorial, has forgotten my favorites, doesn't save my records or upgrades anymore (the ones from yesterday still exist), freezes the game whenever I get XP or unlocks, crashes to the dashboard after about five minutes with any table, has reset my level from 14 to 1, says I have a superscore of 82.6 billion. Went from great to buggy mess over night.

          Now my superscore is at 93,6 billion, my wizard score at 18,3 trillion.
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            I'm also having some issues.

            I turned on my console today and it started downloading all of my FX3 tables again, even though they were all already installed.

            Also, every time I start the game it pulls my save data in from Xbox Live, instead of using the local save.


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              the same as above, after several hours with nice playing : Now it wants to relink the accounts at every start, synchronize the save from cloud, wants to show the tutorial, has forgotten my favorites, doesn't save my upgrades and XP, there is now some freeze in game, and not before that.

              on xbox one with 63 tables

              EDIT : now it's works fine !!! 20h35 27/sept France
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                Same here...
                Every time i log-in asking for linking account and restart from beginning... after this freezer...
                I have to delete my saving even on cloud or doesn't work, loosing my xp point

                An update is required soon as possible (Xbox One)
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                  Xbox One crashing Issue

                  Im having the same issues listed above. After installing yesterday, it played flawlessly for hours.( Southpark tables not transfered) Today it wanted to sync accounts again, tutorial could not be turned off, and each game freezes and crashes during game play.


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                    Well, thought I'd better add to the weight of numbers reporting this.

                    Frustrating, I'd built up a fair few upgrades and levels already....but the tables being unplayable is the worst.

                    I'm sure it'll get sorted.


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                      Can someone from Zen please give us an answer as to when these issues will be fixed, or at least acknowledge the fact you are aware of this. Just keeping quiet is not helping anyone.


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                        now for me it's works fine again without doing anything !!! : 20h36 27/sept France


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                          I'll chime in as well. Exact same issues being experienced as the original poster. Worked completely fine for most of the day yesterday then boom.

                          Just want to add, I can crash the game consistently without fail by trying to start up a One Ball Challenge on Paranormal.


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                            I have all the above problems together with high-scores that look like this :-



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                              How many tables do you guys own? I have all 68.

                              The reason I ask is because there are a lot of people that have no issue with this game but they also don't own very many tables. Just trying to see if there is a common denominator.