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Reporting some issues (STEAM-PC)

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  • Reporting some issues (STEAM-PC)

    • On the options screen for UI, I see "help text" on the right about licensed music. But when other options are highlighted, there is no such text explaining what that setting does, and the info about music licensing is still there. Should there be help text for the other options?
    • The licensed music setting defaulted to OFF. Seems like it should default to ON by default, so players will hear what they should hear, and if you're a streamer, THEN you go in and turn it off.
    • When in camera modes like view 5 that don't fit the whole table on screen at once, the scrolling of the table was more than a bit jerky. At first I thought this was due to the XP pop-ups, so I turned them off (they're annoying anyway), but that didn't seem to help with the jerkiness and lag of the screen scrolling. Can anything be done, or is there a setting I can try to help reduce that effect?
    • As noted in another thread, tables did not transfer on first boot up, but seem to be OK on second run.
    • The packaging of tables in Steam means that even though I have all the tables in a package, the Steam store page and library pages for FX3 don't show me as owning those packages. This one is nitpicky, but I can see it leading to issues in the future if people accidentally re-buy packages. Also, those packs don't seem to provide a way for people to buy the tables they are missing if one table needs to be bought.

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    My parents bought and installed Pinball FX3 with Steam (they own FX 2), but impossible to launch the game. This error message appears:

    pinball fx3 error message.jpg

    They've got the latest version of DirectX. I've verified the integrity of the files, erased the dowload cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the game and updated the driver of their graphic card (Geforce 210) but it still doesn't work.

    I understand that the problem is related to Jenkins and Subversion softwares but I don't know what to do... Do I need to uninstall FX 2?

    Any help would be highly appreciated!


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      our examination found that this error comes up if your video card cannot run Direct X11. Could you check the details of your cards to see if this is the case?