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Need help - my save data disappeared

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  • Need help - my save data disappeared

    I'm playing Pinball FX3 on Xbox One, and I was able to successfully import all of my tables yesterday. I've played a bunch since then, unlocking upgrades on all my tables and getting to around level 11.

    This evening when I started Pinball FX3 back up, all of my progress was gone. After I selected my profile (the only one on the console) it prompted me to link my Zen account, even though i did that yesterday. It then asked me if I wanted to do the tutorial as if I was playing for the first time. And at the main menu I can see that I'm back to being level 1 with zero xp.

    Any data that's tracked online is still there (like leaderboards), but I have lost all of my unlocks and other more minor things like the tables I picked as favorites. Is there any way to get my saved data back?

    Gamertag: Ceiyne

    Things I've tried, to no avail:
    - Quitting and re-launching the game
    - Fully rebooting my Xbox (not just putting it to sleep) and re-launching the game
    - Deleting the copy of my save file off the Xbox hard drive and letting it re-sync from the cloud