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Why did local multiplayer get totally hosed??

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    I play on PS4, and there is still no upgrade for local highscores. Glad to hear that this feature is available now for other platforms, hope there will also be an update for PS4 soon.


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      Heyo everyone,

      - yes split-screen has been removed for this version. Not sure if it will come back, what I can do is bring it up in-house if that would be a possibility.

      - Steam always gets the updates sooner, since we can just put them out whenever we feel like it and it goes out that second - on consoles new versions have to pass certification

      - Xbox One patch arrived with local highscores and stability fixes

      - PS4 patch is getting geared up for submission, with the stability fixes and the local highscore option

      - Operator menu is probably gone for good, it was a lot of work implementing it and testing it out for each table, and according to data not many players were using it