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    I thought I owned it, but apparently not and it's now only available in a bundle with another table (which I already own). Is there anyway to purchase it separately? I can't find it for the Xbox One version of FX2, but can for the X360. If I buy that, will I then be able to import it into FX3?

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    There are a number of issues with importing tables, especially where individual tables from PFX2 are now packaged together.

    I would wait to see if the situation is resolved over the next few days before spending money on the X360 version.


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      Thanks for the advice. I'm happy to wait awhile, I've got 61 other tables to play in the meantime.


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        Except for the Universal pack, I downloaded all of my tables via "manage game" (thnx to a tip, either here or on FB).
        After clicking import tables, I bypassed installing from the MS store.
        Went into "manage game" on the FX3 icon on the main screen of Xbox.
        All of the tables I own were waiting under "ready to install".
        Selected Rogue One to download individually.
        As of this morning, doesn't seem to be any issues with my account...
        XBL GT - JaySTeeY
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