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    my 1 ball score of 290 million on fallout is absolutely not a cheat on xbox one

    skillz yo!


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      Originally posted by michael_taylor39
      I started playing on date of release and played quite a bit every day. Reached lvl 24 and got max lvls on buffs on a good few tables then a few days ago I logged on to find all buffs reset and my lvl is now 1 with no xp. My scores are ridiculously high and every time I log on to game I am asked if I want to link account. And each time I log on my lvl and xp is reset. I have also had message for corrupt save file. I am so annoyed that I have given up playing until someone realises there IS a massive bug and fixes it
      They are well aware of it. Xbox One version is already patched and they are working on the PS4 patch right now.