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Import from other platforms ? (like steam to ps4, xbox to ps4 etc)

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  • Import from other platforms ? (like steam to ps4, xbox to ps4 etc)


    I own and have ownd zen pinbald / pinball Fx versions accross a multitude of devices like windows pc (steam), xbox 360, playstation 3, playstation vita and playstation 4. Now there seems to be some kind of zen account will be able to finally import tables accross any system ? I'm having my doubts though since i started pinball FX 3 on steam first and it asked to link my account then i did the same on playstation 4 yet it also linked to a zen account which makes me think i have two already now one for steam and one for the playstation related ones.

    I seriously hate having to buy accross systems, on each system i have diffrent tables some i have double accross system while others only on one specific system. I would love to be able to finally merge them all into one "zen account" and get access to the tables accross all systems.

    I wonder if this will be possible especially since there doesn't seem to be a way to enter login details for the linked zen account.

    This is not clearly explained in the FAQ on the site or at least it was not clear to me if this will be finally possible or not.