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    Originally posted by lovedaddy
    Well they do have the domination bonus, but its completely pointless as the points received from it are massively lower than what you could achieve just grinding.

    1. Target score is 1 million for 40 matchup points
    2. You score what is close to your best possible, 20 million, and get 40 match up points, +variety (upto 15 points) + say 20 domination match up points
    3. You have now locked yourself out of getting any more points on that table, as you've pushed the watermark up so high you can't achieve the simple wins

    To me the only way this can work is if they make the match up points a ratio of the table score, but at that point you might as well just have another leaderboard.

    The only time I've ever seen this 'water mark' based scoring actually work is in the metropolis street racing / project gotham racing series
    I've not heard this term watermark before, but I follow the meaning. The change probably needs to be made in the domination bonus, so perhaps a target score doesn't rise ridiculously when you smash it, plus you get a domination bonus based on the number of points you exceed the target score by, perhaps a percentage. I haven't put too much thought into it, but I figured the current system was heavily broken months ago. Whatever changes are implemented, the following needs to apply: All players are rewarded commensurately with their scores, & encouraged to score as heavily as possible, game after game. Like all game modes, the best players should be dominant. Most of the players I see raking in forty thousand plus points per week don't seem to have any success in five minute mode, which in theory should be their speciality. Switching up the system will pull the rug from under their talentless, obsessive compulsive feet.