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  • Cross platform table imports...

    Have a sneaky suspicion I know the answer to this, but figured I'd toss the question out there...

    Originally started playing FX2 on an XBox 360. Then...bought a PS4. Just kept playing the FX2 on the 360, and didn't think a thing of it...

    Until now. With FX3 coming out, I'd love to import all the tables over (as the wife and I damn near had all of them...) buuuuuut, we don't have an Xbox One, and we aren't real excited about (read, won't) repurchasing all of the tables over again. Is there any methodology by which to transfer all the tables from the Xbox system over to the PS4?

    As stated at the very beginning, I have a very sneaky suspicion the answer is going to be a resounding "Oh Heeeeeeeeeeeeck, no.", but I'm holding out hope.

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    Oh Heeeeeeeeeeeeck, no.

    There's no connection between the Sony and Microsoft data and never will be - probably not even if MS bought Sony - so there's no way for the PS4 to validate your Xbox transactions nor vice versa. Alas you'll have to swallow it and buy only new tables on the PS4. Stick to your X360 if you still have it for the older tables. Or are you able to migrate to the Windows Store version?