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Windows 10 Progress Lost, Tutorial Reset, Weird High Scores and Now Constant Crashing

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  • Windows 10 Progress Lost, Tutorial Reset, Weird High Scores and Now Constant Crashing

    I just lost all my goal progress, tutorials were reset, game started crashing constantly while browsing the menus and when I checked Sorcerer’s Lair I had a local high score in the negative quintillions. Up until the the progress reset the game only crashed on me twice in fourteen hours and now it constantly crashes while navigating menus. The last time I played the game before the progress reset I closed the game normally.

    I am running the Windows 10 version of the game.

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    Damn, I knew this was a problem on consoles. Didn't know PC was having this issue too.

    I understand there's updates rolling out and stuff, but it's taking a little TOO long at this point. If it was a small issue then I wouldn't mind​, but the game is literally unplayable for a fairly large amount of it's users. They said like 2-3 days ago that there was an update for consoles, that it just had to go through the approval process and all that and we still haven't gotten the update. And now the Windows 10 version is breaking. What is even happening?


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      Somebody at the Steam PFX3 forum suggested that this bug is caused by force closing the game at certain times.

      I'm playing on PS4 and always close from the main menu. I haven't experienced this bug yet, so maybe there is something to this theory.


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        I hope the dev team will reply with some comforting news about adressing the crash and import issues on windows 10.


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          Corruption Synced Across Devices

          I just installed it on my Xbox One and ran it for the first time there. The game isn't crashing but the menus randomly freeze up for anywhere between a second to several seconds. My local high score on Sorcerer's Lair is over 8 quintillion so it looks like the corrupted data was unfortunately synced online but not sure why one is negative -3 quintillion and one is positive 8 quintillion. I'll have to see what my scores look like on other tables.


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            Originally posted by Boulderdash
            I hope the dev team will reply with some comforting news about adressing the crash and import issues on windows 10.
            I had some trouble importing my tables but just telling it to do it a few times and restarting the game in between let me get the 40 importable tables I own installed. That being said I just did the import on the Xbox and it said it imported 64 tables instead of 40 on the PC. I'll compare after they have installed. The import process on the Xbox has now taken me to at least five table downloads that gave a message that "The thing you're looking for isn't here" and once to download Pinball FX3 which was obviously already installed. I have to say the import process on the PC was much nicer than the way it's doing it on the Xbox.

            I am also annoyed that I own the Guardians table but not the other two in the same pack and it looks like the only way to get the others is to buy them for the old version and then import again or pay for a pack where I already own one of the tables. I've seen other threads on here too complaining about this so hopefully they find an easy way to address this.


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              Same problem to me.

              Last Saturday morning the game worked great (Win10), later at evening i have the same problem
              The whole game reset, except die playerlevel.
              I contacted the Developers on Facebook and today i changed my review on the Win10-Store from 5 to 1 stars (with a text who explain the problem).

              I hope they got a solution for this.
              I have 36 tables and no Xbox One, so i can't play it at the time.
              (I importet my FX2 tables from the XBOX 360 on a friends XBOX One)

              Please Zen us.


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                Same problem on Steam : local HS and Challenge Stars are reset, and the tutorial keeps re-surfacing...

                (and I was incriminating Steam... )


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                  It seems to work, for now. (Win10)

                  I just started Pinball FX3.
                  Before the main menu i got a new message: "Your profile is damaged. Lets reset all stats" ... and so on (saw it in german, not in english).

                  This time my playerlevel was also reset, but it saves scores, favourite tables and challenges.
                  Yesterday someone wrote in the german Win-10-Store: "There is an update" ... so I tried to start.

                  It seems to work, for now.


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                    Hey guys,

                    some news on this:

                    - This very annoying error affected your player level and unlockables, and your challenge stars. Your highscores thank god stayed in place

                    - Steam fix rolled out last week - fixed it

                    - Xbox/Win10 fix rolled out yesterday - fixed it

                    - PS4 should be submitted in a little while