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  • Profile was corrupt

    Just started the game this morning after it had an update last nite . The game decided to tell me my profile was corrupt and the game has been reset including all the challenges All my high scores are still there but I'm back to LVL 1 . ZEN , is there a fix for this ??????

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    I kinda managed to figure this out on my own, after having some... annoyances with it earlier. Basically, your profile seems to get reset if you quit the game while it's managing your save. So, don't Alt-F4 the game right as you exit a table, or during the intro logos.


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      No, there is not a fix. It was mentioned by Zen that a level reset was an unfortunate condition of the update. I for one am glad to be able to be playing again, and don't mind starting over on my progress.
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        What happened is, that there was this issue with the level reset that came up for some of the users.

        We fixed it and released the update, apparently, this caused some people to experience the same bug. The update is preventing this from happening again but did not give back the already lost progress, or as in your case, caused this.

        We are super embarrassed about this error, good things are: Now it will not happen again, and your highscores should be intact.