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I'm on Steam. My friend is on Xbox One. What CAN we do together?

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  • Grant_SML
    That's what I figured. I just wanted to be sure. Tournaments should be fun. Hopefully Sony will get off their high horse and let cross platform hotseat become a reality down the line (for many games).


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  • McLovin
    Hey Grant,

    unfortunately, we did not have a way to connect a Steam account and an Xbox account as 'friends' , since the option does not exist anywhere outside the game either. The cross-platform play is more like an en-masse thing, where you can see all Xbox One player scores on a leaderboard, and see their tournaments.

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  • I'm on Steam. My friend is on Xbox One. What CAN we do together?

    We are connected to our Zen accounts, but that doesn't enable friend scores to show up cross-platform in leaderboards. So there's no asynchronous multiplayer there. You can't play each other in Matchups on purpose, just by accident.

    I know we can create custom tournaments.

    Is there anything other than custom tournaments we can do together cross-platform? I hope I'm wrong about the leaderboards, and we will be able to keep an eye on each others' scores somehow.