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Stranger Things Pinball?

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  • Vincent
    Originally posted by Ozzpot View Post

    Imagine the potential of this one!
    100% agree, this would be amazing ; the 80's atmosphere is perfect for a pinball theme !

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  • Ozzpot
    As an additional thought, since this is a NETFLIX original, maybe they would be up for a partnership to produce a series of table based on their other properties.

    Of these, I think Jessica Jones is an obvious one. Since that is also Marvel property, I guess they would have to okay it too. Not sure how Marvel would about Zen making a pinball table out of their IP. I guess anything's possible. If so, there are other Netflix/Marvel shows that could be done.

    A Series of Unfortunate Events also has a lot of potential.

    There are many others (my favourite Netflix show right now is Narcos). Hardly suitable though. If anyone thinks any other Netflix shows would make great tables, let's hear it!

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  • Ozzpot
    started a topic Stranger Things Pinball?

    Stranger Things Pinball?


    Imagine the potential of this one!

    • It's current, and highly rated. That means it would be easy to sell.
    • It's set in the 80s, and plays heavily on this retro theme. That's perfect for pinball.
    • The poster art itself already has the perfect aesthetic for awesome playfield art.
    • It has lots of characters and storylines. Lots of potential for game modes.
    • The "Upside Down" is perfect for the kind of dramatically table-transforming mode that only video pinball can do.

    • It might be a very hard license to acquire.
    • Since it is current, its story arc has not completed. But maybe that could mean a table every season!

    Specific ideas:

    The story from each of Season 1's 8 episodes could be represented by it's own mission, culminating in a fight against the demogorgon.

    The playfield could feature the poster art from the series as it is already so perfect! The top of the table could feature an area of woodland just like that around Hawkins. Perhaps some of the trees could function as bumpers, and one could periodically reveal a hole to access the Upside Down mode.

    The Hawkins National Laboratory could be represented by a subtable which would also provide access to the Upside Down via a portal.

    Another corner of the table (or even a subtable under the playfield (Pasha style) could represent the Byers' house, complete with fairy light alphabet which would be interacted with as a game mode in itself.

    Entering the Upside Down by any means would totally transform the table in every regard into one rotten and overgrown with demonic vines, along with a darkening of the ambient light. This mode would persist until the player can escape.

    For a bit of comic relief, Eggos multiball. Collect as many Eggos packets as possible within the time limit!

    If anyone has any other ideas, post them below!

    Zen, I need this. Please make it happen!
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