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  • Individual Tables Problem

    Hi There
    Let me start by saying that i'm loving the new FX3,I'm a huge FX fan & have been playing on & off for almost 7yrs mostly on Xbox but also on Windows 10.
    Any way I'm writing this because I've sadly realized that in order to get the last tables I'm missing on Xbox One I now need to buy a full pack to get tables that previously were only sold separately (like venom) & while I'm as mentioned am a huge fan & have spend many money on this game (still the Xbox game I've used most on I'm sorry to say that there's just NO fudging way that I'm paying for a FULL pack to get 1 table so PLEASE tell me this will be fixed? You could at least had warned players that this was gonna happen...& don't get me wrong I have ALWAYS preferred buy in collections/packs but when that wasn't an option earlier I really think it's a cheap move to ask us to pay for a bunch tables we already own & I'd be more likely to call it a quit than to do that which would truly be sad with my long history w/ this amazing game...
    Sincerely: A sad fan