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No Southpark tables for Pinball FX3?

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  • No Southpark tables for Pinball FX3?

    Will the Southpark tables become available for Pinball FX3?

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    Originally posted by Sonjax
    Will the Southpark tables become available for Pinball FX3?
    I cant speak about what will occur in the future, but I would guess no since zen lost the licensing for that franchise and would likely have to pay more than what they would take back since its not new. I would love to get them back, but Im not very optimistic.
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      Maybe they can make a deal to do new South Park tables and bring the old ones back too while they're at it.

      I know, only wishful thinking.


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        I'm curious. I understand licensing issues prevent them from selling the tables. Fair enough. But what exactly is said about simply porting the tables for people that already own them? I mean I know nothing about legalities, hence my question. To me anyway, it'd seem no different than them letting you keep the tables on FX2.


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          Pinball FX3 qualifies as a new medium or new platform and is its own game so to speak, this way contracts had to be re-signed etc. We could not jump some hurdles with the IP holders of the tables not coming over :/

          Super bummed out over the South Park tables, I always chuckled when I heard the noise of the plunger (Kenny on the electric cart)