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    Originally posted by McLovin View Post
    That is not a bad idea actually, but wouldn't it seem like a bug to some players? It could seem very srcipt-ey maybe
    True enough; maybe make it more obvious they're anonymous accounts: {Anon-XA5876}, {Anon-CC0187}... (including the curly braces; heck you could indent the anonymous ones or give 'em a different colour, or...)


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      One other thing that might help would be to make a visual distinction between the anonymous players from those whose avatars/icons can't be shown due to being on other systems. Perhaps give the Anons a question mark avatar. Maybe go further and give cross-system players a letter of the alphabet - but maybe that's pushing my luck.


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        I think it would be alright if they showed up as PinballFan001 & so on. We just need a way to tell them apart like others have pointed out. Having Fx3 icon as profile pic to just make it look better than it currently does would be nice to.