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Status after PS4 patch

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  • Status after PS4 patch

    Well, I can't say that the problems are solved:

    The "previous" highscores are still completely borked:



    * Still major stuttering on Jaws, Paranormal & Pasha. It could be on other tables as well, but I'v only played about half of the tables so far. I did notice though that when you select a view where the camera doesn't pan (isn't mobile), the stuttering goes away. But in "view 3" it will skip frames like crazy on some moments, rendering these tables unplayable. This is on a PS4 slim, EU, 5.00 Firmware.

    * In Jaws, "view 3" doesn't have a mobile camera anymore. The view is stuck???

    * The way the local highscore is integrated (entering initials through the PS4 interface) is really, really bad. Please do it like it's supposed to with a nice animation like in ZP2. <- Find out more about me! <- Play Amiga & MSX Pinball games online

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    &quot;Previous Highscores&quot;

    There was a thread where someone said to delete the player profile to have the correct highscores displayed after the patch.

    Thankfully I saw it before I started playing with the patch (I stopped playing when everything got screwed up and waited for the patch.) So I deleted my profile and my scores were corrected and pulled from the highscore list.

    I had played a couple games on Wild West Rampage before I realized what was going on, so I had a couple upgrades unlocked. After I deleted the profile the upgrades I had earned were gone.

    For me it was ok since I hadn't played that much waiting for the patch and I wasn't losing that much. Since you say that you've played about half the tables its up to you if you want to redo all that work again just to get the highscores correct cause you'll lose any upgrades and challenge stars you've earned.

    I don't have any stuttering issues, maybe because I have a Pro, so I can't help you there.....

    But I do agree with the local highscore input. I'd like it to go back to the way it was in Zen Pinball 2