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Fallout upper right flipper help

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  • Fallout upper right flipper help

    What am I missing?

    How does the ball get to the upper right flipper? Sometimes it gets there with a firm shot at the top sometimes it just careers past back to the main flippers. Is there a lane change somewhere?


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    Two ways:

    - Shoot the ball to the center lane with enough speed to make make it through. If it makes it through the pipe above the flipper will dispense the ball.
    - Shoot the ball to the melee lane (boxing glove icon). The ball will stop and then can be hit with the right flipper.


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      So it's just the speed?

      Feels like it often just flies round. Is there not a changer or something?
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        Whoops, I was wrong. There is a lane change. If you look at the upper left flipper, there's the little gate the ball passes through. I think that activates the lane change so if you hit with the left upper flipper, it will get dispensed out the pipe, otherwise, it's the lane next to the pipe. There's also the orbital that extends around the 'VATS' area that is accessed via that spinner lane (next to the nuke lane). It leads to the pipe dispenser if you can make it all the way through it.