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Removed the option to buy Zen pinball 2 tables on ps4

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    Yeah - this was because it resolved my issue with Ant-Man on PFX3, downloading the demo tables again reinstalled the licence, which suggests that the store packages were updated between my original download and the most recent one.

    If you're keen to play Ghost RIder on ZP2 as opposed to PFX3, you could try logging a ticket with PS Support. Zen might be quicker through their channels though.


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      Originally posted by chivato
      Ye they pulled everything from the store.
      Dont get any replies from Zen support.
      Yep, as you said. I bought a few more tables too on PS3, so i'll have them on Vita. I tried the import in ZP2 and there is just no content to import anymore, no demos, nothing in the store. Import just works in PFX3.

      Gone features like 3D (even if i don't own a 3D-TV) and the good old individual pinball-style highscore entry will sadly be missed until Zen decides to put them back in.


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        We haven't changed anything in the PS4 ZP2 version of the game, and the items still exist to be able to play them, or re-download them from your game library in the future, so the PS3/Vita -> to PS4 should work.

        I'll ask around what can cause this.


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          PlayStation Store woes

          If I might make an observation about the cumbersome PlayStation Store...

          I would beg any developer to NEVER consider the 'Go to your download list and find your previous purchases' option to be anything but a last-ditch desperate solution.

          Here are the problems with the download list:

          It can get very, very long - I have over 3000 items in mine
          It can be viewed 24 items to a page, one page at a time
          It cannot be searched
          It cannot be filtered
          It cannot be sorted
          It rearranges itself whenever you renew a PlayStation Plus subscription

          As such, in its current form, it can be an absolute nightmare to deal with. The gods know the PS community have been complaining about it for about a decade.
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            I had this same problem last night and after a bunch of futzing around I fixed. I wanted to play DOOM in 3D so I went back into Zen Pinball 2 and it wouldn't let me download it ... even though I'd purchased it for FX3. Fine... so I'll waste another $10.99 to buy it again, which is SUPER frustrating. I feel like the release of FX3 was a slap in the face to some of their most dedicated fans. I've been playing since Zen Pinball 1 and FX 1. I bought a 3D TV just to play 3D pinball. So, you can imagine my frustration when they inexplicably remove 3D from FX3. So, now they remove the ability to buy the tables from Zen Pinball 2 and make us jump through hoops to buy any new tables on it. I'm sticking with FX2 until FX3 has 3D, which may be never.

            So, I bought the Bethesda pack from the PS Store on the web and go back to Zen Pinball 2 and it still won't unlock. I deleted and completely re-installed Zen 2 and it sill wouldn't unlock my new tables. Then, I finally when and restored licenses from settings and they showed up.

            I realize there might not be a strong business case for 3D in FX 3 but there is a strong case for not taking away features from longtime fans of the serious. I put hundreds and hundreds of hours into playing these tables. I've spent a lot of money on tables. This may seem minor to some but as a huge longtime fan of Zen and pinball the removal of 3D is a monumental disappointment to me and leaves a sour taste in my mouth.