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Leaderboard Limits on Xbox One?

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  • Leaderboard Limits on Xbox One?

    Hi all,

    As far as I know there is no way to see how many people have posted scores on any table's leaderboard (be it single-player, classic single-player, or any other breakdown). Am I missing something? Is there a way to find out how many scores are posted to a given table's leaderboard on the Xbox One?

    When you view the leaderboards and cycle through the various filters (e.g., friends, my score, overall, etc.) you can get some sense of how many scores are posted based on the lowest-ranking score with the "friends" filter applied, but the overall leaderboard only shows the top 100 scores and does not display a total numbers of players on the leaderboard. If you don't have any friends with scores posted on a table, there is really no way to find out just how good or bad your score might be "overall." Even if you do, you still can't tell the total number of players on a table. There is a big difference if you have a top-20 score on a table with say 200 players versus a top-20 score with 2000+ players.

    Is there any way to address this (assuming I'm not missing something and the information is already available)? A few quick ideas to include this information (I understand that technically these may not be "easy" or "simple" to implement, for what it is worth):
    • With "Overall" filter applied, include the ability to go "up" and loop around to the bottom score for total player count
    • Include total number of players somewhere else on leaderboard page if populating all scores is an issue
    • Include the % of your score in addition to the actual leaderboard position (e.g. Top 3%)


    Loving the new platform and the new tables. Back to the Future is quickly becoming my all-time favorite table! Keep up the great work all.

    Edit: I was viewing the discussions on the Steam page and found a similar thread with the same request:

    With the variation in points awarded between tables, there really is no good way to compare how "well" you play one table vs. another table based solely on scores.
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    Ive always wanted this feature in every leaderboard whether it be pinball or racing. Its one thing to have the highest score when the table only has 20 posted scores on it and entirely a different thing when it has 12000 scores posted to it.
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      Valid request, I'll bring it up in the office.

      Until then, you can swap to 'My Score' to get a general feel of where you rank on a table, it will show your exact place not the first 100.


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        Originally posted by McLovin
        Valid request, I'll bring it up in the office.

        Until then, you can swap to 'My Score' to get a general feel of where you rank on a table, it will show your exact place not the first 100.
        Thanks, McLovin (a phrase I never thought I would type in my life)! I realize that filtering to "My Score" will show my position if it is outside of the top-100. That said, I currently have a fair number that are firmly inside the top-100. I'm sure some will fade quickly as more scores are added, but I have a few that I think will remain competitive for a while still.

        Hopefully the team can find a way to include this somehow, even if it only displays this info for your score only. Thanks again. Really enjoying the new platform, kudos and massive thanks to the entire team


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          Originally posted by akmiles
          thanks, mclovin (a phrase i never thought i would type in my life)!
          excuse me?? (jk!)



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            How many people are on this leaderboard

            I know this is an old thread... but this would be great to know!

            if you're in the top 100 of 300 vs. if you're in the top 100 of 15,000 ... folks might put a lot of time into getting a good score on a table & it would be great to have a better idea of how big the field is you're competing against.

            What do you think... would it be possible to bring the question up to the developers again?


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              This used to be a fixture on PBFX2 & ZPB2. Personally, I'd love see how many scores are registered in a particular leaderboard. I also really miss the option to see each player's leaderboard positions from every table played handily gathered together on one screen.