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Bob's Burgers - Strobe Stutter - Can't See To Aim

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  • Bob's Burgers - Strobe Stutter - Can't See To Aim

    Bob's Burgers, when you activate the rat targets, there's an array of rapidly flashing lights near the flippers that makes it almost impossible to see where the ball is as it is dropped near the right flipper. Anyone else have a lot of trouble with that besides me?

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    Are you talking about the slingshot flasher lamps being too bright by any chance?


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      I'm not sure what the "slingshot flasher lamps" are. Whenever those strobe lights rapidly flash, the game lags. It happens when you start the Rat mission or the Mold mission, and sometimes it happens when the ball is around the back left of the table near the ferris wheel. The only time it's troublesome is when it's the Rat mission (Rats All Folks) because the ball is beside the drain when that starts.


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        Originally posted by Satori
        I'm not sure what the "slingshot flasher lamps" are.
        Slingsots are those two bumpers above the main flippers.


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          Okay, so havnt played this table in a while and tried it again for about an hour and got the rat challenge like 5 different times and am not seeing anything different from the previous times I played it in zen pinball 2 other than the colors seem maybe more vibrant. I'm on ps4 first gen with serial number less than 2000.
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            The real problem on this table is "LOUISE", can't aim on portrait screen
            (so can't play it good on a cab)