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  • Friends score missing

    Hi there,

    I got a lot (more 400+) friends on steam around 70 of them play FX3.
    (around 200 around played FX2 so, maybe more will give it a try)

    I got problems when I filter score by friends, some friends are missing !
    (friends with record, i can see them in global leaderboard)

    Any idea how to fix that ?


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    Cant see friends highscores

    I have Ps4 and i cant se My friends highscore anywhere and she cant se mine. We have no hidden games activated in Ps4 settings, we have no limitations in fx3 options and i can see other people but not My friends. In fx2 it was no problem all friends visible. This is boring the whole Point to play is to compete with friends and offcourse all of u to but friends are important and we cant get it to work.
    Anyone know what is the problem?
    Anyone have the same problem?

    // Timmie_Tooth


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      I felt I was alone. Good to see I'm not.


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        Same here...a friend has a score on Return of the Jedi, classic mode...I can't see his score although he sent a screenshot. We both play on Steam.


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          I've been informed that for people to show up on the friends list, they have to play at least one single player or classic single player game to get a value to their super and wizard score.


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            Some friends' score don't show up...I don't mean wizard score or super score but basic table highscores. A friend played, posted 18 million on a table, sent a screenshot as proof...but I cannot see his score in the game. I cannot send his scores on any table (he plays classic mode).


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              yeah I see my firends in global scores but not when I filter score by friends.