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Pinball FX3 - Please add 3D

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    No news on this right now unfortunately.


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      Ya, this was the best app for 3D there ever was! It is a shame it wasn't supported more especially 3D Vision! Full 1080p per eye at 60FPS. I still play FX2 in 3d. It's just too bad they don't make 3d Vision portrait mode displays. Imagine a pincab in 3d Vision!


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        Originally posted by McLovin View Post
        No news on this right now unfortunately.
        Thanks on update. Keep working on this please. I still play FX2 in 3d on ps4, best experience in any video game by far.
        I can hardly wait to play FX3 and new tables in 3D. It will be amazing.



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          Registered just to add my voice to the choir - would also love to see FX3 add in 3d.


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            Happy New Year

            Originally posted by thepolish View Post
            Registered just to add my voice to the choir - would also love to see FX3 add in 3d.

            I also want to see 3d on FX3.

            Also need help, I got Plants vs Zombies on FX2, not knowing that it cant be imported any more
            Is there any chance to get it on FX3? because I don't have a PS3 any more.

            Please Help.


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                I'm really hoping we get some news on this soon. I went to redownload my Zen Pinball 2 tables on PS4 so I could play them in 3D and THEY AREN'T AVAILABLE. So, not only did they remove 3D in FX3, they locked us out of playing 3D on Zen 2.

                I feel like Zen Studios is ignoring some of their biggest fans. I have put so much time and money into Zen tables, buying and rebuying on multiple platforms.

                Can you throw us a bone, please?


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                  I'm glad to see that the 3D mode is not forgotten and that many players are waiting for the return of this option .
                  I am aware that 3D is not within everyone's reach which is why it could be an option that players could buy to unlock it .
                  The 3D does not only make look better the tables but it also make a huge difference in the playability of the game, suddenly there are dimensions and deepness , your targets and
                  ramps are more visible, you can really see what's going on in that table !
                  It looks obvious to me that ZEN is now by far the top leader in digital pinballs , and as leader in this domain they should take in consideration everything that could improve the gaming experience and the 3D mode is certainly an improvement !

                  ZEN STUDIOS has always been attentive to the suggestion of the fans , it is besides one of the reasons of their success , so I hope that they will once again be attentive by binging back the 3D mode .
                  ZEN ROCKS !


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                    Your diversion was the reason 3d idea sounded good to me in an in front of the rest of the competition. Pinball looks !!AWSOME!! in 3d. Regardless I have a Zen2 on ps4 that can include additional measurement however cant imoprt any tables any more. FX3 is a move into cutting edge we as a whole get it however why expelling such a great amount of FUN from the amusement. Dont censure old tech since it is last gen, you can be aLucky Patcher 9Apps VidMate reason it is as yet alive
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