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Wizard power won't unlock

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  • Wizard power won't unlock

    I'm having the issue on a couple tables ( Sorceres Lair, Wild West rampage so far) where I will complete challenges, and the wizard power still won't unlock no matter what. I've reached out on Twitter and gotten nowhere. Anyone else have this issue or a fix? I don't want to delete my entire save file as I'm already in the 30s level wise.

    Registered just to bring up this issue. Would post pics but unsure how to from phone. Any help/feedback would be great.

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    The first questions the Community manager is going to ask

    What platform are you playing on? Probably obvious, but I just thought I'd ask, have you completed up to star level 5 on the challenges for the powers you are trying to unlock? I'd bet these are going to be the questions you get asked by McLovin, the community manager. I've noticed he usually replies about 10 a.m. in the morning, CST.
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      Oops, on XBONE. I scored over 100m on the one ball challenge getting me the full 15star, still won't unlock. I deleted/redownloaded the iron and steel pack, and it fixed the issue with WWR. tried the same with deleting full FX3 to see if Sorceres lair, but still won't unlock no matter how many times I 5 star it.

      Feel like this issue happened when it wiped my save file after launch. If it's just that table it's fine I guess, but it's still broken game. Would suck if that was only table owned and it happened. Really don't want to lose all my progress just to unlock that 1 power haha.