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Cant see friends highscore in leaderboards

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  • Cant see friends highscore in leaderboards

    I have Ps4 and i cant se My friends highscore anywhere and she cant se mine. We have no hidden games activated in Ps4 settings, we have no limitations in fx3 options and i can see other people but not My friends. In fx2 it was no problem all friends visible. This is boring the whole Point to play is to compete with friends and offcourse all of u to but friends are important and we cant get it to work.
    Anyone know what is the problem?
    Anyone have the same problem?
    Doesnt work at any table that we both have . I imported My tables from fx2 and she bought all tables now in fx3 My account is linked and i have no linitations on so all plattforms should see me. Can anyone add me and see if it works on someone else i only have 1 friend so Dont know if it works on anyone else . Timmie_Tooth add me if u want . Would priciate it.
    Sry for bad english im swedish so thats why its bad. hehe
    // Timmie_Tooth

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    Hello Timmie,

    have you both posted at least one score in single player or classic single player?