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Lost my profile progress on PS4 today...

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  • Lost my profile progress on PS4 today...

    ...and I'm really disappointed about this, because I already collected huge stars and level progress on lot of tables.
    Also i felt back from 40 to 1 XP. This was the second time that this happened to me.
    The game also crahes very often.

    Now everything has gone but the highscores and trophies.
    Can you admins do anything to restore my progress?

    A note to the developers:
    I bought all 68 tables, and always loved playing ZEN 2 Pinball.
    But now I don't have any fun and I'm really frustrated.
    I never thought that I would say this, but this buggy software really sucks
    Please fix it and store the progress online, as you do with highscores and trophies!

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    If you have a PlayStation Plus subscription you may have copies of your PS4 save file(s) backed up to the cloud.

    If this loss of progress happened today you could try copying save file(s) back from the cloud to your PS4 and see if that helps?


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      thanks for this, but unfortunately I don't have PS+


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        Still waiting for someone to confirm whether or not this works. In the meantime I'm happy to give PFX3 a rest for now.


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          Of course Zen is being quiet on this thread. They don't seem to want to acknowledge how buggy this game is. I feel for you, TC. I've had my profile reset twice and I'm experiencing frequent crashes and stuttering. Like you I own all the tables and this has soured me on the game.

          I can only wonder how great this game could be in the hands of a competent developer because right now I think Zen is in over their heads with this new release. Zen 2 on PS4 worked great but of course they've burned that bridge and now they can't seem to properly fix or support this new software. It's sad.


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            Hey there, here I am! My bad, I overlooked this a bit.

            This sounds weird, I thought this was fixed.

            Could you give us your PSN name? We could check your user on the server if there is anything fishy. Best if you send it to [email protected].

            Thank you and we apologize for this issue, we are trying to eradicate it.


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              my profile name in FX3 is the same as my user name here in the forum: