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Dr Strange table did NOT trafer for free.

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  • Dr Strange table did NOT trafer for free.

    I've talked to several times to someone via e-mail but have not gotten this issue resolved and I'm starting to get ticked off.
    I tried contacting Sony Playstation but was told they have NO contact number for Zen Pinball or Zen Pinball FX3 so they were unable to help me except to say to contact you. (which also hasn't been very helpful)

    I was able to transfer all tables BUT the Dr Strange table (which I purchased while it was on Zen Pinball 2, check your records)

    Marvel Pinball: Marvel Legends Pack
    Captain America Table for Pinball FX2, (purchased before and transferred over to FX3 just fine and I can play it.
    Fantastic Four Table for Pinball FX2, (Purchased on Zen Pinball 2 and transferred over to FX3 and I can play it)
    Doctor Strange Table for Pinball FX2 (Purchased on Zen Pinball 2 and DID NOT Transfer over to FX3 and can NOT Play it)

    I was told to try to get the demo version of the game but I can't as that option does NOT show in the Playstation store.
    All there is, is a purchase option to but the 3 table pack and I refuse to pay for something which I already paid for once before.

    There is no other option to install the Dr Strange table as far as I can tell and the ONLY people who can fix this are you....Please someone do the RIGHT thing and get me the table I already paid for and allow it to be playable on FX3 version like all of the other tables.

    To be clear I do not want to delete all of FX3 and loose any rewards, badges that I worked hard at getting (so will not be available again like the ET Special Badge)

    There should be no reason to do a full reinstall of FX3 when it's clear that only one table has FAILED to transfer over and there should be No reason I should be forced to pay for a table which I already paid for once before and not only that would be forced to buy the entire 3 pack.

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    If you're looking for the Marvel Legends Pack demo on the PlayStation Store, try logging on to the Store website and getting at it that way.


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      Thanks QuietlyWrong for the link!

      Mind-Blown you probably heard these before: but you could check the notifications tab on your PS and then the downloads if there is an item for Strange or the Legends pack. If you have PFX2 installed still, you could start it and then try the import. Or you could also try (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Restore Licenses] to see if the table unlcoks.


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        Originally posted by QuietlyWrong View Post
        If you're looking for the Marvel Legends Pack demo on the PlayStation Store, try logging on to the Store website and getting at it that way.
        Yes thanks for the links it helped some.

        I tried it and added it to downloads but nothing seemed to change, except I could play Trial version over and over again.

        Loged out of FX3 or closed the game.

        Somehow or another I managed to find my purchase history (or perhaps it was the download list) and all of the tables for FX3 showed that there was a button to "Download to you PS4" Strange because I already did them all. But I selected Dr Strange it showed "waiting" then showed something like Playable. I went back to FX3 on Ps4 and again no change. closed it out and restarted PS4, then went back to FX3 and one more table was there I had 63 now it showed 64. Checked for Dr Strange table and finally it was there and playable for me as a regualr owned table.

        I had the same problem and fixed it the same way with Age of Ultron table. So that's my suggestion to others looking for a fix do what I explained above and *perhaps* it will work for you too.

        BTW - Restore Licenses did not change the situation at all, did not change a thing. I tried that before anything else.
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          Thank you for checking back and explaining what solved the case for you. Good to hear that you can enjoy all your tables now.

          Working on the in-game purchase in the meantime.