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  • Matchup mode Hotfix

    now we have the nifty idea that you are getting targets based on your previous hiscore which basically means beating your own score.nice idea but there is the problem that you just get the points you need,then trap the ball on the flipper of your choice and let time run out,if you go for domination Bonus you make things harder for yourself.might be an idea to scrap this whole matchup nonsense and replace it with something resembling a pinball tournament.take a look at the PAPA or IPFA website for inspiration.

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    Hey Uwe,

    I've been told that we are looking into implementing more bonus points if you get a bigger score, or beat someone with a bigger score.


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      ok thx for the update,im still hoping this mode will work properly one day


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        Yeah, I wanted to give this mode (which has potential) a good shot. But having found it's just a laborious grind that leaves you empty....
        And i started doing as mentioned above. Getting the minimum and then just letting it drain. I feel cheap.