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Star Wars Han Solo is very buggy

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  • Star Wars Han Solo is very buggy

    I noticed that if you use the rewind on the part where you have to drop the ball in the storage compartments, the crane will continue to move after the rewind and will often drop the ball in strange places that can cause the ball to get stuck or cause the crane to not move the next time you hit that ramp enough times to activate it.

    There is another bug, which I don't think is related, where the game thinks that you are in crane mode, but you aren't. If this happens, many shots are closed off and I ran into an even worse bug when this happens where the ball stands still between the bumpers (not hitting the bumpers unless you nudge up). I had to quit out of the game in which I earned the trophy because this happened after the crane multiball.

    Does anyone know that if earning a trophy and quitting the game before it is over will prevent you from getting the in-game mastery points for earning the trophy? I'm not sure if I got the points, but it would suck if I couldn't get those points now since the trophy is now synced to psn.

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    The game checks your trophy list and awards you those said mastery points by default.


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      All right, thanks for sending this in. Reported and checked in for inspection.


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        Still can't lock a ball in Death Star so can't enter the wizard mode. Add this please. Posted this a while ago, just adding again. This is on XBone.
        The rest of the table works fine for me besides this.