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Portal - Table Summery Language (Xbox and Win10)

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  • QuietlyWrong
    You have a point - makes sense in context, not so much on its own. Like if you represented Toy Story 3 with Buzz speaking in Spanish.

    A shame though, it's very funny in proper context.

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  • PennilessImp749
    I played through both Portal Games.
    This part of the game was so small i didn't even notice it.

    Thanks for linking the video. I still think the Table Summary should be in English, perhaps play the Spanish Clip as part of the gameplay.

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  • QuietlyWrong
    This will go down as one of my favourite bug reports ever.

    No offence intended to the OP - it's an understandable error; it's just that I love Portal.

    Props to MuddyWolf_Beta for digging out an actual proof of the sound clip in full context. That's going the extra mile.

    If you actually play Portal 2 in its Spanish translation, that clip is actually in English, though it's so heavily accented, as someone with Anglophone ears I struggled to understand it.

    (I'd link here but it's a much longer clip on Youtube and... spoilers... )

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  • MuddyWolf_Beta
    That's not a bug
    It's a nod to Portal 2.
    Here's a link:

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  • Portal - Table Summery Language (Xbox and Win10)

    For the Table Summary of Portal on XBOX ONE and Windows 10...

    The audio sounds like its Spanish.
    Must be a bug...

    Please fix it into English please.
    Last edited by PennilessImp749; 11-19-2017, 12:56 AM.