Bought all tables XBOX but WIN10 Wont import all of them.
Xbox One I have 68 Tables.
But on Windows 10 I only have 52...

When I click on Import tables it says there is No Tables to import.
When I try to click on missing tables it takes me to the packs and bundles, purchase screen, and if I click anything it says 'Unknown Error'.


Missing Tables are:

1 Epic Quest
2 Excalibur
3 Earth Defence
4 Mars
5 Paranormal

6 Marvel Ant Man
7 Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron
8 Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy
9 Marvel Venom
10 Marvel DeadPool
11 Marvel Civil War
12 Marvel Doctor Strange
13 Marvel Captain America
15Marvel Fantastic Four

16 Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One
17 Star Wars™ Pinball: Star Wars Rebels

So the Math doesn't work out as I have 17 Missing Tables but the (My Collection) Says I have 16 missing tables.

Please can you address these bugs as its rather annoying that its not working and those that have sunk the most money into the game are suffering from issues.