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Purchased all tables XBOX One.. but WIN10 Wont import them.

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  • Purchased all tables XBOX One.. but WIN10 Wont import them.

    Purchased all tables XBOX One.. but WIN10 Wont import them.
    Xbox One I have 68 Tables.
    But on Windows 10 I only have 52...

    When I click on Import tables it says there is No Tables to import.
    When I try to click on missing tables it takes me to the packs and bundles, purchase screen, and if I click anything it says 'Unknown Error'.

    Missing Tables are:

    1 Epic Quest
    2 Excalibur
    3 Earth Defence
    4 Mars
    5 Paranormal

    6 Marvel Ant Man
    7 Marvel Avengers: Age of Ultron
    8 Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy
    9 Marvel Venom
    10 Marvel DeadPool
    11 Marvel Civil War
    12 Marvel Doctor Strange
    13 Marvel Captain America
    15Marvel Fantastic Four

    16 Star Wars™ Pinball: Rogue One
    17 Star Wars™ Pinball: Star Wars Rebels

    So the Math doesn't work out as I have 17 Missing Tables but the (My Collection) Says I have 16 missing tables.

    Please can you address these bugs as its rather annoying that its not working and those that have sunk the most money into the game are suffering from issues..
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    If someone has a fix for this please let me know..
    I want to have the tables on Windows 10.


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      This is a long known issue and I have posted about this for quite some time!

      McLovin said that a patch for the Win 10 version will come out this week that will fix this!

      Hopefully he is right!


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        i have same issue almost from the initial release with a few tables and afterwards with more tables when i had bought them all on xbox one.

        xbox one 68/68 on windows 10 60 of 68 tables and no way to get the others even though i own them. I have been makeing threads and emailed support about it. i also get the unknown error for tables wrongfully listed as purchaseable ingame (while i own them). The diffrence in numbers between you and me is probably due to imported tables from xbox 360 i had, which might have had the same problem when having bought them on xbox one (/ xbox play anywhere) if they wouldn't have been imported from 360

        I'm also hoping the patch they told about will finally fix it as it's a crappy bug / error in win 10 store version of the game.

        Lets wait for the win 10 store version update and see what it does then. I'm looking each day for updates in the store app. Not even certain if it would be released this week not certain if submitted changes / updates have to be verified somehow first by microsoft


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          Update about this issue

          Hey Guys,
          we are aware of this issue and the developers are working on the solution. Please stay tuned about this, I'll inform you about the solution or the update as fast as I can!

          Thank you for your patience and understanding!
          Until then, if you have any new information about the issue's circumstances please inform us at [email protected]

          Wishing you all the best!