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Suggestion: Rise the level cap

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  • Suggestion: Rise the level cap

    Hello Zen,

    I've played only about one third of all tables but just reached the level cap of level 40. It is way too low. You dont have to add more pictures or achievements for level 40+, but please set the cap higher to level 200 or something like that. The benefit would be, more motivation to play in order to rise the level. It also would be some sort of a challenge to be the highest level player.

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    How may I ask does the leveling system work? I only ask because I'm getting this on the Switch when it releases.
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      Bump, necromancer style. Did i violate forum rules now?
      Well, in case i did, here's my two cents to avoid sanctions:
      A working reward system will greatly incentivize playing. More playing means more buying, and that's a company's first goal, right?


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        Hey guys,
        it's an understandable request from you and I forwarded it to the developers. One thing I can tell you that we'll back this suggestion up as much as we can because it seems like a necessary update!