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  • DepecheM101
    Phantom flipper bug.

    On Family Guy I keep getting a bug where it is as if the top left flipper is invisibly active, therefore stopping the ball from going up the Lois lane and if the ball is running down it bounces of the inactive flipper. I have also experienced this on the Deadpool table aswell. I will try to link a video of this I have recorded. This on Xbox One.

    Not able to link video but I have posted it to my Xbox activity feed titled "Phantom flipper bug"
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  • kerst
    Hi I purchased a few tables under an old email, how do I change my email options so I can get them on my new email account ? thanks

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  • L0cky
    Bugs on Nintendo Switch:

    When playing in vertical mode , after game over and entering initials the keyboard is shown in horizontal mode.

    Son of Zeus :
    Slowdown / framerate problems in handheld mode.
    Kickbacks seem / are broken, they almost never kick the ball back and ball keeps bumping on the kickback (for both kickbacks)

    Adventure land :
    Sky eye, multiball seems bugged sometimes balls wont release and balls are forever stuck in the sky eye itself or the event is delayed.
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  • MBeeching
    Adventure Land - skillshot timing
    If you hit the Aim-Me sinkhole just before it closes you do not achieve a skillshot. Possible timing issue.

    Son of Zeus - ball stuck
    The ball occasionally gets stuck behind the Medusa Stone. It eventually respawns.

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  • rgm1956
    Zen Pinball on Apple TV 4 is not connecting to iTunes Store. I purchased the Adventure Land table and downloaded it to my other Apple devices (iMac, iPhone, iPad).

    Apple TV 4 shows the table (Adventure Land) as available (in other words it shows it as purchased, the icon is not grayed out). Additionally Zen Pinball on Apple TV is able to validate my license without any issue. However, when I click on the table, I receive an error stating "...An unexpected error occurred when connecting to iTunes Store...". Presumably, Zen Pinball "knows" the table is purchased but needs to download it for play.

    I love the game and the table, itself, but prefer to play Zen Pinball on Apple TV because of a 50" display (TV) and the fact that Zen Pinball for Apple TV is much better for multiplayer pinball games. Plus my sound system rocks.

    How can I get beyond this?

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