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steam linking account issue

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  • hajdu
    Beta Branch

    we had plenty of feedback about the disappearing tables during the login process in Steam. There's a fix released in the Beta Branch and we have good feedback coming in about it. We do hope that we'll be able to release it live soon.

    Wishing you the best!

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  • darthzfx
    started a topic steam linking account issue

    steam linking account issue

    I linked my account on steam where i have fx3 with 50+ tables.
    Then i linked my account on my xbox where i have 30+ tables.
    when i go back to steam it REMOVES my tables that i dont own on xbox, but do own on steam.
    when i unlink my fx3 on steam it properly restores the table ownership.

    ive read plenty of the posts and understand not giving me tables on xbox that i have purchased on steam.
    but why are tables being removed from my list on steam, that i have purchased.
    I am unable to use of any of the leader boards/online features in fx3 when my account is not linked.

    if there is another section for this please direct me/move this post to where it belongs.