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4k graphics?

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  • 4k graphics?

    I want to upgrade my PS3 to PS4. Will Pinball FX3 play differently on the PS4 slim model vs the pro model which I believe has 4k capability? Do the FX3 upgrades take into consideration 4k graphics? I believe the PlayStation slim model does not have 4k capability. I only play Pinball on my gaming machine. Is there any reason to get the PlayStation Pro model or will I get the same performance and quality with the less expensive PlayStation slim model?


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    We have to wait for a 4K patch, still waiting for an answerfrom Zen for any ETA...


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      Thanks Vincent for the reply. I have done a little more research and 4k is a little too close to the bleeding edge for me. I can't even find a 4k HDR monitor. 4k HDR TVs exist but they are too large and have more lag than monitors. FX3 has improvements on many of the games for PlayStation 4 over PlayStation 3 so I will probably upgrade to the PlayStation 4. The Pro model has the future proof advantage of 4k and has an optical audio out which I may use. Pro also has a better graphics processor which may produce better lower resolution graphics.

      It looks like Zen pinball is native 720p so upgrading to a 4k system will likely produce little or no benefit and may introduce problems?? I have no complaints with the graphics as they are.

      A big thanks to Zen for making it possible to import the games I own from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. When I first looked into this there seemed to have been a 19 game limitation. Now it seems I can import most of the games I own and there are improvements to many of the games in FX3!


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        Work in progress

        Hey guys,
        thank you for this topic it's really a must have one!

        We are working on the 4K support but it may take time to implement it to our game in the future!

        Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!