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More support for cabinet users - please!!

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  • More support for cabinet users - please!!

    I know you guys are actively working on multiple systems, but us cabinet people do account for a large portion (even if a lot don't ask for a code).

    There's two very prominent features that we would love because we have many toys in our cabinets.

    One- please allow DDH69 (on vpforums and others) to create the code necessary for DOFlinx so we can fire off leds, solenoids, beacons, knockers, etc.
    He was able to do it with FX2, and I know he said it's been nearly impossible with FX3. I don't know the details but I know he has requested some feedback.

    Two- please implement the separation of table sounds and backglass sounds (voice and music) through a 7.1 setup. A lot of us have exciters and bass shakers inside our tables to replicate table sounds (aka PMD). In my opinion this is even better than other physical means because you get the different sounds from different tables as opposed to mechanical sounds from solenoids and knockers, which sound the same with each table.

    In VPX you are given this option to give you an idea. In any case I highly recommend PMD if if any of you have a cabinet. It's inexpensive and adds an unreal amount of realism with tactile and sound feedback.


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    Hey there,
    thank you for the suggestion!
    I forwarded to our Steam developers and they'll look into the possibility after the holiday season!

    Wishing you the best!