I purchased multiple tables back on the XBox 360. Some of these will import to Pinball FX3 on Windows 10 but the majority of them wont. I don't have an XBox One so I've never tried to import them to the games on that system.

Zen Studios - Sorcerer's Lair
Marvel - Civil War
Star Wars - Episode VI Return of the Jedi
Star Wars - Darth Vader
Star Wars - Star Fighter Assault
Star Wars - Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars - The Clone Wars
Star Wars - Boba Fett

Zen Studios - El Dorado
Zen Studios - Shaman
Zen Studios - Tesla
Zen Studios - V12
Zen Studios - Epic Quest
Zen Studios - Excalibur
Zen Studios - Earth Defense
Zen Studios - Mars
Zen Studios - Paranormal
Zen Studios - Biolab
Zen Studios - Pasha
Zen Studios - Rome
Zen Studios - Secrets of the Deep
Marvel - Doctor Strange
Marvel - Captain America
Marvel - Fantastic Four
Marvel - World War Hulk
Marvel - Fear Itself
Marvel - The Infinity Gauntlet
Marvel - The Avengers
Marvel - Ghost Rider
Marvel - Thor
Marvel - X-Men
Marvel - Moon Knight
Marvel - Iron Man
Marvel - Spider-Man
Marvel - Blade
Marvel - Wolverine