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What's everyone's Top 5 BEST and Top 5 WORST Tables?

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  • What's everyone's Top 5 BEST and Top 5 WORST Tables?

    I currently have 55 tables,so far,but yet to decide on what's the BEST and WORST from the tables available....

    So for all the people,who have played FX3,and spent more time than I have...

    Can you list your Top 5 BEST and WORST?

    (This could be a good guide for others, on what's best to purchase..)

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    in no particular order

    -American Dad
    -Alien Isolation
    -Wild West Rampage
    -Son of Zeus

    -Fantastic Four

    Not a big fan of the Star Wars tables at all


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      I have the Nintendo Switch version and only have 8 tables atm.

      I will rank them from most liked to worst as i dont have enough tables to make a top 5 for both.

      Best - worst :

      Family guy - Colourfull table with many lanes yet table is clear and ball is almost always in sight, has a good amount of multiball triggers asl well.
      Sorcerer's lair - Fun table, good amount of modes and secrets, bumpers can be anoying as it seem to love to downtrust the ball through the middle or left side lane.
      Adventure land - Fun theme and love the idea of different attractions but objectives can be hard to finish. Icarus V minigame gets old fast and a reason i wont come back to this table as much anymore.
      Son of zeus - Like the theme and modes and graphicley this table looks nice but its hard to keep track of the ball on this table as it cluttered and a grapichs make it hard to see the ball sometimes. The table suffers from slowndown as well on nintendo switch, the kickbacks seem broken on the table as they never seem to safe the ball. Allround a buggy table withto much going on for the tiny switch screen.
      archer - Weird table yet somehow i like it , not to complicated but scoring big numbers seems hard on this table and feels it lacks some things to keep it intresting for long.
      American dad - havent spend much time on this table yet but its seem cluttered and confusing, yet it seems to have a ton of modes and objectives which is a plus.
      Bob's burgers - To many places the ball is out of sight and the balls loves to get to the outer side lanes to a unfair amount, modes dont seem to intresting table is boring quickly
      The walking dead - Table doesnt feel intresting , you mostly will hit the walker and end up with a objective that doesnt seem to change the game to much.
      There doesnt seem to happen to much on this table.


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        Top 5 Favourite Tables:
        Moon Knight
        Fear Itself

        Top 5 Least Favourite:
        El Dorado
        American Dad
        Walking Dead
        Civil War


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          Its hard to pick a good top (depends on my mood) But I allways love these tables :

          Sorcerer's Lair An easy to understand table. Biggest plus is the challenge how many times you can reach Wizzard mode.
          Mars I love the atmosphere in this one. It reminds me of classic space movies like A Space Odyssey 2001. Getting the shots in time is often nerve-racking.
          Spiderman Superb voice acting. Satisfying ramps, shots and missions. Also the funky and silly atmosphere contributes a lot to the fun.
          World War Hulk Ramp / Loop galore. Period.
          Aliens Again afantastic atmosphere and a very good table design.

          Honorable mentions :

          Rome, Caste Storm, Wild West Rampage, El Dorado, Star Fighter Assaullt, Plants vs Zombies (r.i.p.)

          The not so great ones:

          V12 Nothing but frustrating stots. The theme is not appealing either for me.
          All of the FOXnet tables Cell shading and themes are not my cup of tea
          Jaws Can't say why but i disklike it very much. Maybe it's the depressing theme or the huge amount of unconventional table items.
          Secrets of the Deep A Slow and depressig table with an annoying top table.
          Paranormal I prefer an open table.

          dishonorable Mentions :

          Civil War, Dead Pool, Venom, Masters of the Force, Walking Dead
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            #1 Son of Zeus
            #2 South Park (I miss this table sooooo much!!)
            #3 Bob's Burgers
            #4 Doom
            #5 Alien vs. Predator

            Runner Up:
            Earth Defense
            Captain America
            El Dorado

            Sorcerer's lab
            Dr. Strange


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              I really like the Walking Dead table but it looks like i'm the only one if you look at this thread.


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                I love these lists - seeing other people's top 5s or 10s often makes me go back to tables I might have misjudged, or it gives me an idea which ones to buy next.

                I'm not a high-scoring player and learning the tables, getting better at the tables is an ongoing (enjoyably slow) process for me, so more experienced players will probably be better judges of overall table scoring systems, modes, etc. And I'm still missing some of the earlier tables and most of the star wars tables. Caveats aside...

                Top 5

                The Force Awakens - I feel like I shouldn't like this table, but I do. Very fast and fun.
                Women of Power: Champions – This and Biolab have, if you ask me, the best sound design in the game. Sound and color overload keep me playing.
                Mars - I wish more tables were a little less crowded, like this one. When I went back to it recently, it was a refreshingly unlike the newer tables.
                Fear Itself - In Pinball FX2, this and Hulk were my most played tables. Something about the new look of the Hulk table has put me off, but I still play Fear Itself a lot.
                Aliens - Just find myself playing it quite a lot.

                Special place in my heart: Infinity Gauntlet, Fantastic Four

                I guess I don't have any worsts, just some that I don't play much, and I can't say whether they're bad or not.


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                  Simple question, tough answer. I find it really hard to precisely pinpoint 'bad' tables as i love them all. Some seem inferior but have unique features or themes that make them shine. However, at the end of the day, it is all about the fun and playability that counts. Computer tables can afford to be fundamentally different than their real counterparts in that regard as they don't need to be stingy and greedy to net money. Difficulty is there merely for challenging purposes and should never feel oppressive. So maybe the best criterium to rate tables is to first ask which ones *annoy* me most, for whichever reasons, keeping me from playing them. An honest answer to this will come naturally and reveal that the ones annoying least must therefore called the 'best', so here come my 26 tables, sorted best to worst:
                  Rebels, Han Solo, Mars, Wild West Rampage, Darth Vader, Sorcerer's Lair, Return of the Jedi, Droids, Castle Storm, Rogue One, Adventure Land, Starfighter Assault, The Force Awakens, Son of Zeus, A New Hope, The Walking Dead, Epic Quest, Paranormal, Excalibur, Earth Defense, Masters of the Force, Might of the First Order, El Dorado, V12, Tesla, Shaman.
                  Some tables need better mission balance (time, score). Others are let down by frustrating shots (narrow ramps, indirect targets). A couple are ruined by unnecessary vision impairment (camera and obstacles). Many tables are cluttered. A few tables are simply too fast. And finally, tables that combine those bad designs, are the least fun to play.
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                    I have most of the zen tables (around 70)
                    Tough to narrow down to five but I'll try...

                    Wild West Rampage - love the old west theme, very challenging table. This is by far my most-played table. You have to keep your kickbacks alive because the ball finds those outer lanes a lot. Hitting the left sinkhole can be a very tricky shot. I feel like this table requires a lot of skill - miss your shot, and there are usually bad consequences.

                    Mars - I appreciate this table because it is very unlike any others. The challenge factor is not as great as some, but I love the mood and subdued effects. Cool moody music. I wish there were more tables like this (maybe in a space, ocean or arctic theme). One dislike is when you are limited to one or two shots to complete a mission, and can't really do much else until you finish, which means you can be held captive for as long as it takes to hit those shots.

                    Son of Zeus - A new table, but already a favorite. I feel that the Greek theme, voice acting, special effects and intuitive nature of this table result in a great combination that will keep me coming back to play this one. I love the voice acting in particular.

                    Avengers - Assigning unique looks and characteristics to six different balls was a master stroke. I like to try locking different combinations of balls to see the impact on scoring. It's a very fun, colorful table.

                    Might of the First Order - Tough call on my favorite Star Wars table. This one wins for me because it combines fast action, potential high scores and overall challenge. The ramps can be deadly if you don't get your ball all the way up. The kickbacks are not too easy to obtain, yet achievable. The stormtrooper walking in front of your ball/flipper is a cool animation, and a challenge as well. Nice graphic presentation and voices.

                    My five least favorites:

                    Tesla - Repetitive shot to get the short ball save makes this table very tedious for me. I'm generally not a fan of magnetic effects on tables, and this table has a big one on the mini-playfield.

                    V12 - This table's scoring seems really imbalanced. The marked combo shots can give you big points if you hit enough in a row, but almost nothing else seems to be worthwhile. I do think a newer car-themed table is due.

                    Deadpool - I think this table still has potential to be a good one for me. I just can't seem to figure out how to score many points, or even make my ball last for long. On the few times I've played it, it's been very difficult. I generally like tables that seem intuitive.

                    Rogue One - For a newer table, I just find this one kind of boring. Part of it is the repetitive nature of hitting the targets at the top of the table.

                    Paranormal - I've played it a couple of times, but don't really desire to play it again. I can't seem to figure out how to advance my score at more than a crawl.


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                      I hate seeing v12 in the least favorite tables of so many when in reality if any of you had played it when it was first released in the original zen table releases you would have loved it, but then they changed the physics and you cant trap the ball and the ball doesnt go up the ramps smoothly anymore. I used to be able to play that table for hours saving in between and without exception amass billions of points and now barely a 100 million if even that on my best day. Zen made this table and it was brilliant then they mucked it up and now it no longer flows.
                      Accomplishments in real life

                      1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
                      2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
                      3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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                        TOP 5
                        -Ms. Splosion Man (the reason I still boot up FX2)
                        -Ghost Rider
                        -Women of Power: Champions
                        -World War Hulk

                        BOTTOM 5
                        -Back to the Future because it lacks the soundtrack and the voices are AWFUL.
                        -Venom because of the ramps


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                          -Fear Itself (my favorite table in the whole game)
                          -Three of the four Star Wars main episode tables:
                          Empire for its atmosphere complex rulesheet and stacking modes.
                          A New Hope for its speed, missions and difficulty level (just brutal).
                          The Force Awakens for its flow, the cinematic feel of the missions and the great fx.

                          I like Return of the Jedi too but not as much as I love the other main episode tables.
                          Also, Son of Zeus or Adventure Land might push Deadpool off of the list in the future but not just yet.

                          -South Park (Rip)

                          Worst (or just not favs):

                          -Civil War
                          -Sor. Lair
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                            I can't believe no one has the Portal table in his top five! I am biased, as I liked the game a lot and find the way the table is created very good in deed.


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                              Damn you're right about portal. A honorable mention.