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What's everyone's Top 5 BEST and Top 5 WORST Tables?

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    Haven't posted in a while, so here goes.

    Best 5 tables? as in score or just fav? either way...

    1: Infinity Gauntlet - still miffed i didn't break the top 5 in that tournament a couple years ago so i could win those sweet slippers.
    2: That Soccer Table - Too lazy to boot up the 360 to play this table. It's bar none one of my favorite marathon like tables. Every time i played it, guaranteed 2 hours spent on one game.
    3: Fallout - Whoever beat my 1 ball challenge score that i put up soon after pbfx3 was released: i really hate you. I love the mechanics of this table.
    4: Epic Quest - can get boring at times, but was always good at this table.
    5: Fantastic 4 - pretty much every time i play this table i generally get to the wizard mode. Easily one of my most consistent tables.

    worst tables/hate - I just never played well on these and i hate them all with every cell in my body.

    1: Blade - any table that gives you a free ball for sucking brutally isn't a good table. Think the most i ever scored on this POS was about 35 million. Just horrid.
    2: Excalibur - Always found this a weird table, odd angled shots. Terrible missions. Just horrid.
    3: Rocky and Bullwinkle - For those that remember this table, uuuug.
    4: v12 - Was this table just overly complex for the sake of complexity? Absolutely nothing on this table jived with me. The flow is bad, the cluttered screen is bad. The lack of routes/combos, bad.
    5: Walking Dead - Guess i had to put a newer table on this list. As far as i'm concerned this table is tied with half of the star wars tables as well for just being weird/odd. I'm just terrible on this table. Nothing interests me at all on this and i'm just bad on it.


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      Yet, another v12 vote to the worst list. Zen, I am pleading for you to go back and see how this table used to flow when it was released and now after several updates and physics changes no longer functions as it was intended. Nothing like it used to be. I stand devout in my loyalty to this table knowing full well how it used to be. I can't play it for shit now. Havn't even tried to overtake the high score cause it just don't flow now and the speed of the ramps just suck. You have a table in your listing now that no one plays. It's like having 69 tables instead of 70 unless you return it to what it used to be.
      Accomplishments in real life

      1. Rolled a star wars played over 99 levels and rolled it back to level 1.
      2. Rolled Nintendo punch out, several times, same quarter.
      3. Played an entire game of dragons lair and completed it and won while blindfolded.


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        Top 5 and bottome 3

        It changes from time to time, but here are my top 5 and bottom 3 (the bottom 3 are the only ones I really have a problem with). I play primarily on iOS.

        Top 5:
        1. World War Hulk - love the fan layout and copious looping/comboing, the modes are hard but achievable, always something going on and has a really great feel/fun factor. It's fast but doesn't feel dangerous all the time.
        2. Captain America - great aesthetics, shots are all achievable, easy to figure out but hard to master.
        3. X-Men - I just love this one. It's an older table, but great feel and challenge, keeps me coming back. Some strange shots in the upper right area, really the whole right side of the playfield is a bit tricky.
        4. Alien vs. Predator - great flow, look and feel. Fun missions.
        5. Star Wars Rebels - I just love the aesthetic in this one as well, and it's a good shooters table. Missions are not that hard to start and fun to play.

        Bottom 3:
        1. V12 - as everyone says above, it's just clunky, scoring is nonexistent, and the shots are super hard to make. I have hardly ever successfully completed even one of the modes, the timer is just too short and shots too hard to make. I have to say, it's really intriguing to think that Zen could re-tune this table and make it fun - it honestly may have a lot of potential, it's a really nice looking table.
        2. Shaman - actually a bit fun in the ramps, but just frustrating when it comes to drains, way too frequent straight down the middle drains coming from the sinkholes at the top (this may be a mobile tuning issue). It's also not the deepest table, or at least the deep parts activating disasters) is so hard to start that it's like a fluke when I get one lit up.
        3. Secrets of the Deep - just boring. Super long ball times, not enough adrenaline.


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          My faves in no particular order (I own all 33 Switch tables)

          - AvP
          - Jurassic World
          - Mars (I actually suck at this 1 but I find it the most relaxing table to play on, including the music)
          - Wild West Rampage
          - Secrets of the Deep

          Least favorite:

          - V12
          - Tesla
          - Castlestorm
          - Excalibur
          - Rome


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            EARTH DEFENSE
            DR. STRANGE
            WORLD WAR HULK
            JURASSIC WORLD


            BOB’S BURGERS
            CIVIL WAR
            THE WALKING DEAD


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              Service road

              Tables I like best : all are #1 -and- #5 (from the ones I own and have played enough). And those 5 are not written in stone.

              [ just realized that South P tables are not in PBFX3. So feel free to look past them, I'm keeping them in list]

              Butters' very Own
              Wild West Rampage
              Son of Zeus
              Epic Quest

              Runners up: Thor; Archer; DOOM; Pasha; World War Hulk; Mars

              Tables I absolutely dislike: all are #worst (from the ones I own and have played enough)

              Bob's Burgers
              Secrets of the Deep (totally useless top half)

              Real stinkers: Civil War; Ghost Rider; E.T. ; Paranormal;..... Fallout

              side note: my feelings for almost all tables here are based on my playtime in PBFX2. Haven't had the time nor lust to re-play them in FX3
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                I own all 40 Switch tables and played them all a lot, so tricky to pick my 5 favourites but here it is as of now:

                1) DOOM - captures the atmosphere and style of one of my favourite game series ever perfectly.
                2) Jurassic World - very challenging but extremely satisfying when hitting some big scores.
                3) American Dad - hilarious, fun and challenging.
                4) Earth Defense - best Zen table that I keep coming back to again and again.
                5) Pasha - I could play this all day (and I have!). Endless fun.

                As everyone else is doing their "Worst" list too, here's mine:

                1) Archer - really can't get on with this and really annoying voiceovers.
                2) Biolab - although it is fun sometimes, it is a bit too easy and the bgm is very repetitive.
                3) The Walking Dead - I actually really like this table, it's just really unfair most of the time.
                4) Jaws - very empty (intentional?) and so hard to get a high score (for me at least).
                5) V12 - another very unfair table that's very clunky and not much fun.

                Add me!
                Switch: SW-7599-9178-1098
                PS4: Kev2018UK
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                  My favourites are: 1) Blade
                  2) Wolverine
                  3) Aliens
                  4) Moon-Knight
                  5) Excalibur

                  Least favourite: 1) Biolab
                  2) Marvel's Women of Power: Champions
                  3) Paranormal
                  4) Captain America
                  5) Venom

                  I play primarily on PS4.


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                    If we can include the new Williams tables then:

                    1 - Medieval Madness
                    2 - Doom
                    3 - Wild West Rampage
                    4 - Sorcerer's Lair
                    5 - Mars

                    Medieval Madness is one of the best Pinball tables ever. There is something for everyone in it. No matter if you are a pro or playing your first game there is something about taking down a castle that does not get old

                    Doom is a fantastic table! Its gritty and fun and the graphics are wonderful. Plays really well, and a big hit at parties.

                    Wild West Rampage and Sorcerer's Lair are both great easy playing tables for players of all skill ranges.

                    Mars... how it can be in my top 5? I have a cabinet at home, and when I have parties or family over there are a lot of people who have never touched pinball before. I consider this to be a super bare bones table and not intimidating. If you ever want to have someone learn how flippers work without much out this is the table to use


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                      1) Ms Splosion Man (PFX2) My favourite PFX table. Love the cartoony robotic vibe, the colours are dreamy, and everything seems to really flow smoothly.
                      2) El Dorado (PFX3) The theme of exploring old temples is a winner to me. Love the music and the visuals. I'm still crap at it after all these years, but my PB score slowly gets better.
                      3) Walking Dead (PFX3) Love the dreary atmosphere, completely unique for a pinball table. Great sounds and visuals.
                      4) Plants vs Zombies (PFX2) The happiest pinball table ever. Fills my heart with joy. Wish I could live in this world.
                      5) Adventure Land (PFX3) All the fun of the fair! The different track loops and gimmicks dotted around are an absolute blast. Great fun. More like this please!

                      Any 5 superhero tables


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                        First cantankerous, I wish I played V12 when it came out cause you make it sound really good.
                        It's one of those tables I really can't get into.
                        There are few tables I really don't like, but these are mine besides V12
                        El Dorado
                        Secrets of the deep
                        Ghost rider
                        These are tables I really like. I've played through almost all the tables and there are some I just keep coming back to,

                        Han Solo, I love this table, and now it's broken because you can't lock the ball into the death star so no wizard mode. I really wish they'd fix this, it's the only table I have maxxed out the upgrades.
                        X-men. I love all the different modes on this table, so much to do and there's essentially 3 wizard modes.
                        Archer, I'm glad Zen made the achievement so hard on this game because I played it so much to get it and found out what a great table it is in the process.
                        Excalibur, I just keep coming back, I love this table, the theme, just everything.
                        Castle storm, when this came out it just hit me at the right time, it's a lot of fun.
                        There are several other tables I come back to time and again in no particular order, Pasha----Thor----Rome----Fear itself----Deadpool----civil war.
                        BTW someone mentioned South Park. I love those tables too, but they aren't on FX 3
                        Keep them coming Zen.
                        BTW cantankerous, have you been able to get into V12 lately?


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                          1) Boba Fett
                          2) Empire Strikes Back
                          3) Super League Football
                          4) Back to the Future
                          5) The Avengers
                          6) Starfighter Assault
                          7) CastleStorm
                          8) Epic Quest
                          9) Plants vs. Zombies
                          10) Jaws

                          1) Mars
                          2) Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
                          3) Marvel’s Women of Power (both of them)
                          4) Iron Man
                          5) Venom


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                            Aliens - Great theme, feels like a story, love the loops, great mini games

                            Clone Wars - I love how epic the table feels.

                            Portal - Best music and voice acting, fantastic use of theme.

                            Wild West - My fave of the Zen tables. Fun theme, fun table.

                            Star Wars Trilogy - I know this is a cheat, but one of the biggest strengths is how they feel like a trilogy.

                            V-12 - It's on every bottom 5 for a reason.

                            The Getaway - I prefer the arcade feel to classic tables. Too many random scores.

                            Civil War - I have to play on mute, I hate the team build mechanic and the auto shot.

                            Junkyard - Feels like a mess. I hate the theme, hate the look and the feel, hate all of the cut aways. Plus I just prefer the arcade tables.

                            Shaman - Yuck.


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                              I'll put mine in too if you don't mind:

                              Bob's Burgers - the absolute, hands down favorite of mine
                              Skyrim - I really enjoy the RPG mechanics
                              Solo - I ended up playing this one quite a lot
                              El Dorado - simple, classic fun
                              Medieval Madness - it is the perfect pinball game basically
                              Edit: I have to put Might of the First Order in here. I love that one! AAH

                              I don't really 'hate' any Pinball FX3 tables, I probably enjoy playing Junk Yard the least.
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                                Hmm nearly 10 months after I previously mentioned my 'best' and 'worst' tables things haven't much changed. Maybe a few tables are added in and taken away here and there.

                                1. Still American Dad
                                2. Medieval Madness - Nice to see this added in until Monster Bash or No good Gophers come to PBFX2. I can't see Lord of the rings (my all time favorite table) coming to PFX3
                                3. Might of the first order.
                                4. Back to the future. -Pure fun
                                5. Fear Itself - Just love the targets you shoot at in various modes.


                                V-12 - It's just not worthwhile to me
                                Vader - too many hurry ups the modes are challenging (That's good) and could possibly score more points but why do it with all the hurry ups abound.
                                Pasha - Still don't know what I have to do.