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PS4 Biolab bug report

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  • PS4 Biolab bug report

    Hi guys,

    First time posting here, long time reading

    I want to share with Zen Pinball developer team a bug that happen to me yesterday on Biolab table.

    I dont know why, but at some time during the ball one I got a second ball in game that should not happen.

    Please take a look at my streaming video and judge yourself:

    Hope you guys got the bug

    Best regards,
    Miguel LeĆ£o
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    Hi all,

    To be more precise with the bug, at 7:00 minute of the video I got the second ball only because I have shot the left ramp (clone multiball ramp).

    At minute 9:40 I have started the Brain mode but because I have another ball in play, it wasn't able to start. Take a look till minute 11:00 where I loose one ball and the game continues without any problem.
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      A little off topic, I really dislike the Biolab table. Probably my least favorite so far.


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        The Biolab table is very challenging and not for everyone's taste.
        For me it is a OK table. I have a lot of fun when I play it.
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          thanks for the report, but I'm afraid the link is not working.
          Can you please try a new one?
          Have a great day!


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            Please take a look in minute 7:01 (when it add the second ball).

            I have been watching the clip from the start and I cant find why it is triggered...

            Thanks for all your good work and THANK YOU for the Jurassic Park tables
            Check my gameplay streams at MigLea85


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              Thank you for the new link!
              I forwarded it to the developers and they'll check out this. I guess it's on all platforms, so it may take time.


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                No problem hajdu

                BTW, I've played Biolab table a lot and this issue only happened one time.
                Check my gameplay streams at MigLea85