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FX3 Cabinet mode buttons don't work in Win 10

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  • FX3 Cabinet mode buttons don't work in Win 10

    Hey All, I built a cabinet and bought a few tables and realized that pinball fx3 only supports keyboard and gamepads. I figured out that I could use xpadder and was able to get buttons to work, but as soon as I reboot, it doesn't seem to work unless i restart xpadder and pinball fx3 several times. I use pinballx as the front end and have xpadder start with windows. Anyone have any suggestions? I use a small usb encoder, is there a specific encoder that is suggested for cabinet users? Thanks for any help...really frustrated and would love to have my cabinet dedicated to FX3 if I can figure this out.

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    Hi I don't use xpadder so not sure how it works but you could try x360ce 32bit I use this it works fine and launches when pinball fx3 dose. try this set up guide .


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      Thanks spacecowboy420, I gave it a go previously and couldn't get it working, kept getting xinput1_3.dll errors, after updating everything under the sun, finally got it working! On a side note, ZEN, I know your concerned with piracy, but your really chasing paying customers away from a great product with all the hassles you have burdened customers with (Button support, online steam, and codes for cab mode). I almost gave up on this product because of these issues, whereas I would have gladly bought every game right off the bat if everything was smooth out of the box.


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        we are glad that everything is sorted out!