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    Originally posted by t33 View Post
    This is not what OP was talking about. "SENSE of achievement" - not "achievements". Totally different things!

    Thank you for standing up for me. Nobody has ever done that before. It warms my heart.


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      Originally posted by cantankerous-- View Post
      Oh, ya, spiderman can be wizard moded in like 10 minutes or so. Try that one.
      Tried it. Not so keen on the table design and colors chosen for surface plate.


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        Bring back the 'Operators Menu'

        Originally posted by t33 View Post
        #3 I agree that some tables can be frustrating. On the 3rd Alien table for example I'm lucky if I get a main mode started... And then it's hard because you don't have much time to make the needed shots.

        The Jurassic Park table is awesome BUT it's unforgiving. About every shot has to be precise. I spend most time activating modes - only to lose them after a couple shots because I wasn't fast enough. The magna save is no real help either. It gets frustrating quickly. I'd appreciate an easier mode with reduced scoring but longer times on the timers (devs, are you reading this? lol).

        Edit: Acutally I'd like that for most of the other tables, too...
        Bring back the 'Operators Menu' !!