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Lag when gaming and streaming on PS4.

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  • Lag when gaming and streaming on PS4.

    Hi guys,

    Is anyone else experiencing lag when playing and streaming on PS4?

    I'm experiencing some lag when I play (1080p) and stream (720) at the same time from my PS4. Even though it don't happen always or even at the same event in the game. Nevertheless I notice this lag almost at the same time of the night, close to the midnight (Lisbon time)... It is 3 or 4 games with an impressive lag of 1 or 2 seconds, completely unplayable...
    This lag is not understandable on the videos

    My PS4 is not the PRO and I don't have camera nor playing music or any other program. Just play PFX3 and stream to twitch both on PS4.

    The internet is not an issue, I have a very good speed band for upload and download.

    Best regards,
    Miguel Leão
    Check my gameplay streams at MigLea85

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    I also have a standard PS4 and have dome some streaming of FX3 (and in the past ZP2), both through Youtube & Twitch, but never noticed any lag. <- Find out more about me! <- Play Amiga & MSX Pinball games online


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      Thanks for the feedback tfhfony
      Check my gameplay streams at MigLea85