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Zen needs to create a pinballers website to mirror fx3

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  • Zen needs to create a pinballers website to mirror fx3

    My suggestion is for ZEN to essentially take the FX3 platform and make it accessible for us pinballers to view the platform away from our consoles.
    That way we can look up high scores, tournaments and other things at work, on the go, etc. It seems like it would be easy enough to do. Just replicate a mirror image of your current platform content.

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    That is not a bad idea, we kind of started experimenting with this kind of thing here:

    Where you can see live tournament scores for our big tourneys.

    This could get very big though if we were to make every leaderboard on every platform accessible (challenges, classic, 'normal' single play, mobile, ps4 etc)

    From a strictly personal standpoint what I would really like is a Battlefield companion app kind of thing.


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      Pinballers Web Site

      Hi McLovin:

      Thanks for your response. I am kind of surprised that this topic is not getting any other response.

      When I am at work, I enjoy seeing updates on Forums and looking at the Table Guides and other topics that get me revved up to play when I get home and I plan my strategy as to what I want to play (I have all of the tables).

      It would be so awesome to have a mirror image of the FX3 platform on a website so I can look at leaderboards, my scores and other items from the website that would help me plan my evening playing. It would just be interesting to monitor what is going on with the platform away from it while at work or elsewhere.

      Again, I appreciate your response and I hope you will give it some due consideration. I think it would help your marketing ability and create more interest in playing the platform. Thanks, Rick


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        Yes, I was thinking App too. Love the Rock Band companion App and the SW Battlefront App too.

        Would love to see my scores, friends scores, challenges, wizard and upgrade unlocks, trophies, and rewards per table. Basically anything you can see in he menus.

        Not sure if the development needed (since all the data already exists) but it would be awesome.