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  • tondagossa
    My favorite thing about the new patch is random play! Finally! I've been waiting for this feature for so long (love it in other pinball games).

    However, I have one suggestion. Can you please add an option to choose what appears when I choose random play? So maybe for each mode - regular Single Player, Classic Single Player, and Challenges - have the option to toggle which ones show up after hitting Random Play. Sometimes I can't decide which table I want to play (I have all of them including The Last Jedi ones), but I know I only want to play Classic. Or sometimes I only want to hit some random challenges. Or other times I just want to play regular Single Player AND Classic, but no challenges.

    Thanks for your hard work on this. I've been playing since FX2 first appeared on Steam and the game just keeps getting better.
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  • granzat
    The only new feature I’m waiting for is the split screen we had in the previous game. FX2 is still played more than FX3 when partying with friends.

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  • Louise Superstar
    I play on xbox, normally with the other half or my daughter and when it's their go I used to click B to go back back back to switch player but now that doesn't work nor is there a way to close/exit the whole game other than via the big X on the controller then quit from the xbox home screen? Even more frustrating is having to sign in twice, all just to swap player! Am I missing something...

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  • tfhfony
    Originally posted by tfhfony View Post
    I can't find this bug in the "solved" list:

    Does this mean that after more than half a year, this problem still hasn't been solved?
    And indeed. The bug is still there. I just had a go at Pasha again in View 3. Hit the spinner a few times to activate the ball lock. The table turns dark and the genie lights up and the problems start.
    This problem only happens on a few tables (Jaws, Paranormal & Pasha) and only in view 3 and also only under certain circumstances. But at these moment you guys are asking just a bit to much from a standard PS4 and the framerate drops.
    It's all nice and stuff that you guys are solving these issues on the Switch, but the PS4 version has been having this problem for over 7 months now.

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  • MuddyWolf_Beta
    Good work!
    I’m happy for everybody who has been waiting for these changes

    But please Zen, consider adding more achievements per table. The game is dying on Steam because of the lack of them. It has almost disappeared from my activity feed. Zaccaria pinball, The Pinball Arcade and even Pinball Deluxe Reloaded (a 2d pinball game with only a couple of tables) are taking over. This is the age of achievement hunting and one achievement per table is just not enough.

    Personally, I’m also still hoping for a speedrun mode. There’s still not enough incentive to really go for the missions and complete the Wizard mode. Which is a real shame because the game’s got some of the coolest missions of any pinball game I’ve ever played.
    Last edited by MuddyWolf_Beta; 04-10-2018, 08:05 PM.

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  • tfhfony
    I can't find this bug in the "solved" list:

    Does this mean that after more than half a year, this problem still hasn't been solved?

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  • cantankerous--
    Sighhhhhhh I can only hope each level in the new level cap requires a million points per each level otherwise we waited all this time to see a difference in each of us to show our dedication to the game and what's likely to happen is upon update we will all be level 50 and the entire point of increasing the level cap will have been missed.

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  • McLovin
    started a topic Pinball FX3 New Update Notes

    Pinball FX3 New Update Notes

    Good day Pinballers!

    We have been listening to your feedback about Pinball FX3, and we are happy to announce our newest update with features and fixes inspired by the community.

    The update is live on Xbox, Windows 10 and PSN EU with PSN NA following shortly.

    Steam players can expect the patch on April 17.

    On Nintendo Switch these features will go live with the performance update.

    New Features


    The number of players participating in the actual Matchup league is now displayed
    See a new popup notification when you unlock a new mastery reward
    Local high-score leaderboard added to the pause menu
    My Collection screen has a new virtual group: Weekly Matchup Tables
    In the Newsfeed, a “New Matchup Season Started” category has been added
    A separate Superscore leaderboard has been introduced for Classic Mode

    Quick Play Features

    New Quick Play category Random Play has been added
    New Quick Play category Tournament has been added
    New Quick Play category Matchup has been added

    Tournament Features

    You can create new tournament with shorter lengths between 1-8 hours
    New “Permission” filter has been added that shows private games only
    “End Tournament” in-game notification added to alert players
    Tournament has a new game mode: Real Classic Without Perks
    You can set number of starting balls and turn on/off extra balls in the new Classic Tournament mode
    Players may set the maximum number of available play attempts
    Players may sort tournament by default or number of participants / time left

    Matchup Balance Issues

    More players will be promoted to higher matchup leagues
    You now won’t advance to a new league with 0 Victory Points

    Bug Fixes


    “Table Upgrade” message text has been improved
    Mastery Screen’s completed filters are improved
    You may change Quick Play pages with the carousel indicators on Steam
    Fixed mouse-scrolling speed issue in menus
    Table purchase issue has been fixed on PlayStation 4 that returned you back to table trial screen after purchase
    ”Unknown Error” message at table purchase has been fixed on Xbox One
    Error with Steam overlay screen has been fixed
    Changing table groups on My Collection screen has been improved


    Official Tournament’s font highlight issue has been fixed
    Fixed name of Tournament’s display in screen headers
    Fixed leaderboard screen bug for Tournaments that displayed false player information
    Tournament’s end screen congratulatory text has been improved


    Table purchase function will redirect to the proper pack
    Fixed season end screen bug that showed wrong player statistics.
    “Calculating Season” message will appear on the main menu Matchup button during season changes
    Fixed bug that caused the game to switch back to the main screen after a matchup

    Other Improvements

    Increase your level cap to 50 with new background and frame rewards
    Search by Name can handle multiple players with the same name
    Tournament’s “Apply Filter” button has been improved
    “Game Mode” information added to the Result screen
    Promoted Tournament winners will receive newsfeed notifications
    In My Collection screen, you can now use “Add to Favorite” with touch control

    Thank you for your feedback, ideas and support!

    The Zen Team